Visualgo – visualising data structures and algorithms through animation

If you need an easy way to visualize how data structures and algorithms work, VisuAlgo has a ton of animations that you can view on their website.

When you land on their front page, you can pick what kind of data structure or algorithm you would like to view.

You will then be presented with information on how that topic works and all the intricacies of it such as the operations involved and their run times. In the picture below for example, we can study sorting algorithms.

You can also see the animation of an algorithm or a data structure accompanied by some pseudocode.

Animated GIF

Of course, if you need to rewind or slowdown an animation, there are options to do so in case you missed a step or did not understand how a certain step happened.

This is a great tool for anyone who is data structures and algorithms for a course or for any coding challenge. With tons of animations available, there is plenty of information you can learn visually.

You can try VisuAlgo by clicking here.


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