Resumake – Quickly make resumes in latex

You may have seen resumes that were created with LaTeX, a typesetting system that allows you to create clean documents using syntax. They look very nice but learning LaTeX takes some time. If you do not want to learn LaTeX but would like a resume that was made with it, consider Resumake.

When you begin, you will see different sections on the left. This is where you will fill in the information for the resume.

When you are ready to generate your resume, hit the “Make” button to see a preview of your resume. Below is an example of a random resume I created.

You can make changes to the resume and continue to update it or export it when it is all done. You can export it as either a PDF file, a LaTeX file or a JSON file. You may also print a physical copy of it.


In case you would like to edit your resume sometime in the future, it is recommended that you download a JSON file because you may import it from Resumake’s front page the next time you edit your resume. There is also the “Continue Session” option but your resume may not be there if you delete your cookies or cache so downloading a JSON file would be the best option.

In the end, you will have a resume that looks professional and ready to submit without needing to know any LaTeX. With several customization options, it is a great tool for making a resume that you can personalize with little effort.

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