LinkFree – A free and open source alternative to LinkTree

Websites such as LinkTree provide a platform where you can put a variety of links in one place so instead of having to add links to every social media platform you’re on, you can simply just link your LinkTree profile. However, some of their features are either limited or only to premium users.

If you want a free alternative to LinkTree, check out LinkFree. The prerequisites you will need however is some coding knowledge and a place to upload and host your linkfree. If you have both of these, you are good to go.

To start, select a template by going into the “Templates” directory and if you have git, you can clone or fork the repository or download a zip folder of the contents.

Once you have the files, just edit the code as necessary. You can pretty much customize your LinkFree in any way you want. The colours, links, descriptions, and other features are all up to you. Below is an example of a LinkFree theme you can create (This is the Galaxy theme contributed by Luã Braga).

If you have a great theme to contribute, follow the repository’s instructions for adding a contribution.

LinkFree is great because you can fully customize your page’s themes, add as many links as you want and there are no premium features. If you feel limited by LinkTree and need more control, then consider this free alternative.


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