MyNoise – Focus at Work, Relax at Home, Sleep at Night

Do you need background noise while working? Do you work in a noisy environment and need to block out the noise? MyNoise has you covered. MyNoise is a noise generator that simulates numerous environments such as restaurants, natural settings, and more.

On the front page, you are presented with different options for what kinds of noises you want to generate.

Clicking on one of the options then leads you to a page where the audio will begin to play. You also have a description you can read and at the top of the page, there are options for customizing the combinations of sounds. In the example screenshot below, you can adjust the volume levels for chatter, kitchen noises, restaurant noises and anything else you would hear at a cafe or restaurant.


If you need more options beyond the ones presented on the front page, click on the “Index” button in the navigator to find them.

Altogether, these sounds will simulate an atmosphere that plays in the background while you work. As someone who does not really like to work in complete silence, it is a great tool for improving concentration. It is especially useful if you’re looking to simulate a certain environment but can’t go anywhere in person.

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