Spotify Playlist Generator – Conveniently Create playlists

Creating a suitable playlist can be an annoying and time-consuming process. You have to pick the right songs, arrange the playlist, and hope that it goes smoothly. You can also use the playlists generated by the community or by Spotify themselves, but sometimes they may not have what you want either.

Thankfully, the Spotify Playlist Generator by Vegard Øye is another solution to look into.

When you first go on the website, you will be presented with an input box. This input box can take in several lines of code as seen in the instructions below. You can try to find artists similar to the one you put in, specify the order and even add in specific songs. In the example below, I want to create a playlist of artists similar to two bands: Explosions in the Sky and Hammock. The songs in the playlist should alternate between songs which are similar to the former’s style and songs which are similar to the latter artist’s style. The tracks should also be ordered by popularity.

Once you click on generate, the app will ask for permission to access your Spotify data. This allows the app to use that data to find songs that you might like. Once authorized, the app will start the process.


The input box will then display a list of Spotify urls like in the screenshot below.

Now, to make a playlist out of this list, create a playlist on Spotify, copy the whole list and then paste it in. The copied links will become songs and you will now have a playlist that is ready to be used.

Overall, this is a great tool for generating playlists and you will want to play around with the app to try to get the best playlist possible.

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