5 Websites for Free Jekyll Themes

Jekyll is a static site generator that can be used for all sorts of websites. It is primarily used for blogging but you can structure your Jekyll website for any purpose. As it is a popular static site generator, many users have created Jekyll themes for it. If you are a Jekyll user and are looking for a theme that you can install quickly, there are websites that have curated themes to conveniently display on one site. These websites link to the theme’s GitHub directory and you can see a demo of the theme to see what it looks like before downloading the theme. Consider checking these five websites below.


The interface is simple and has a search bar for making search queries. There are over 20 pages worth of themes to choose from.


There are both paid and free themes on this website to browse through. You can also sort themes by design type so you find a specific design depending on your needs. The free collection isn’t that big compared to the other websites, but it is still worth visiting.



Jamstack is a website that has themes for a lot of static site generators, including Jekyll. They have over 300 themes to choose from. Unfortunately, there is no search bar so you will have to scroll though the collection manually.


This website sorts themes that are free and paid and you can also select categories depending on the theme’s features.


A pretty simple website for browsing themes. You can sort alphabetically, by date, by popularity, or shuffle the collection.

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