5 Pages for Programming Project Ideas

Coming up with projects to practice programming can be difficult at times. Thankfully, people have taken the time to curate lists to get inspiration from. Check out the list below.

Karan’s Mega Project List

There are a lot of practical projects that you can solve in any language including leet-code style problems, web projects, and networking projects.

Project Based Learning by Tuvtran

This is a GitHub repository that curates projects with external links. The point of this repository is to find practical applications for you to apply your programming skills.

1000 Projects by vicky002

This is simply a list of project ideas. I’m not sure if there really are 1000 project, but the list is quite extensive.

42 Projects by Itnext.io

This is a list of projects as part of their challenge. For these projects, you are encouraged to write them from scratch and not use any libraries.

Maryr002’s Mega Project Ideas List

There are 125 ideas on this list with a variety of topics to explore.

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