Learning How to Learn – A Free Coursera Course on Effective Learning Techniques

There are courses you can take to learn about different things, but how about a course about learning how to learn? Learning is something a lot of people can do but to effectively learn is a skill that can be improved. This is what the Coursera course, “Learning How to Learn”, taught by Barbara Oakley, is all about.

I remember taking this course and I really learned a lot. You start with the basics: what learning is, how memory works and how to improve it. You then move on to the idea of chunking and how taking a huge concept and breaking it down can make information easy to digest to improve your long-term memory. The course then tackles topics such as dealing with procrastination and finding motivation. Throughout the course, you will be learning a new technique with each new lesson. Hopefully, you can then take those lessons and apply them to your own life.

Honestly, this course has a lot of content to offer. Not only does Oakley teach you learning techniques, but she also interviews people of various backgrounds and their learning strategies that made them successful. The course is 4 weeks long but 15 hours of content, you do not need to commit a lot of time into the course. On top of that, the amount of course work is little. I would recommend this course if you are looking to learn new learning techniques to improve yourself, especially since it is free.


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