LinkTree 2021 Review

With several social media apps to take advantage of, people looking to get followers and exposure are encouraged to make a presence on as many sites as possible. But, sharing every social media link at once is either impossible or takes more effort than necessary. This is where services like LinkTree come in. They provide you a one-page website with all of your links in place. That way, instead of sharing multiple links, you just need to share one.

Linktree is probably the most popular website for these types of services. The product they offer is simple; with one page, you can add a bunch of links to it and then simply share the link to your LinkTree profile, but is LinkTree the best solution? I will be reviewing the free version of LinkTree in this article and exploring its features. It is a really simple service, so the review will be brief.

Pentool Arts

Adding Links – Simple and Straightforward

The process for adding links to your LinkTree page is easy. Click on the “Add New Link” button, then type in the name of the link and the url. You can also rearrange the links with ease by dragging the link blocks above or below another. LinkTree also provides special blocks such as headers, which separate and group links and two financial buttons: “Support Me” and “Request”. The former button allows you to accept payment via tips and donations and the “Request” button can be used by visitors to request a good or service from you if you are selling any. However, you need to connect a payment provider and as of now, only Square is supported. Stripe and PayPal are coming soon. Since LinkTree allows you to link to any page though, you can just use a regular link to link to any payment provider anyway.

Appearance – Basic and Limited

LinkTree offers basic customization for your page. With the free plan, you can only select from 12 free themes, which are all limited and basic. If you wanted to unlock more themes or to delve deep into customizing your page’s background, buttons or fonts, you will need to go pro.

Other – Basic Settings and Analytics

LinkTree does not offer much in terms of settings. The most you can do under a free plan is to add your various social media accounts at the bottom of the page. As for analytic data, you only have access to the number of views your page gets and the number of clicks.

Going Pro – $6 a Month

Enjoy LinkTree and need more features? The pro plan is 6 US dollars a month. In return, you get more link types, customization options, advanced analytics, more integration solutions, and priority support. Depending on who you are, these additional features may be more than necessary since your primary purpose of the LinkTree is to lead visitors to external pages anyway. Click here to read more about the Pro plan.

Overall – A Bare-Minimum Solution

LinkTree provides all you need for making a one-page website with links. Your options for customization are limited but if you simply need a page with links and nothing else, then LinkTree is fine. Below is a LinkTree page that I was able to create after fiddling around with it.


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