2021 Review

Last week, I reviewed LinkTree (you can read the review here), a one-page site creator where you can place all of your links in one place. However, there are other sites out there that exist and provide the same service. I am going to try to review as many of these types of sites as possible. For this week, I will be taking a look at

Adding Blocks

The way works is that you place “blocks” on your profile. These blocks contain a variety of content such as embedded social media content, bios, and interactive blocks like polls and music players.

These blocks are intuitive and adding them was very easy. On the editor, click on “Tap to add content”, select the type of block you would like to add and add content to it. Unfortunately though, you are limited to 3 free blocks. The limited amount of blocks you get for free restricts the amount of content you can share, which means you can only promote a few things at a time. If you need more blocks, you will need to upgrade your plan to add 3 more blocks.

Customization is Severely Limited

Want to change your display name or slug? You cannot do that on the free plan. What about customizing your theme? You will have to pay for that as well. Upon signing up, they will generate a username and a slug for you and you are stuck with the default theme, which is a plain white background. With that, there is not much I can review here and customization is limited.

Going Pro – $5 a Month or $10 a Month

It appears most of the features are only accessible if you pay for them. offers two plans: The Semi-PRO plan and the PRO plan, which are 5 and 10 dollars respectively.

Below is a screenshot of all the perks you get for upgrading to Semi-PRO plan. The last two features are unlocked when you upgrade to the PRO plan.

Given that there are similar services such as LinkTree that provide more premium features at similar prices, the perks you get for upgrading your plan are not worth it in that case. The only real perks you can take advantage of is the additional blocks, but even then you only get 3 more blocks that you can add to your profile. Theme customization, analytics (even if it is just basic analytics), and display name changes are offered for free on’s competitors as well. In the end, I wouldn’t consider upgrading my plan.


The screenshot below is the best I can come up for my page using only the free features that are available. As you can see, there is little to see if you visit my page. Furthermore, note that my display name and slug are not anything along the lines of “Ryan’s Recommended Resources”, so my profile does not look as complete nor as clean as I would like it to be.

My exploration of was cut short as there were not many free features that were offered. The idea of being able to add a variety of blocks was great, but the limitations of the free plan made the service unattractive. The inability to customize my page without paying is also a frustrating aspect. Overall, I do not like and would look for another service.

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