June 2021 Recap

Another month has passed and more content has been made. Here’s a list of posts that were published in June.

Linktree Review

I took a look at Linktree, a single page website creator where you can share your links in one place. I explore its interface, how good the free features are and if it is worth upgrading to the pro version.

5 Places for Free Games

Looking for free games to download? Here are five places that you can use to look for them. Free games are being released on a regular basis and even if you missed one opportunity, there will always be other opportunities.

Bio.fm Review

Similar to Linktree, Bio.fm is also a place for sharing links. I reviewed this service and explored it the say way when I reviewed Linktree.

Prolific – Answer Surveys for Money

If you are looking for a way to make money on the side for just a few minutes of your time, look into Prolific. Researchers need data for their studies and in exchange for your time and responses, you will be compensated financially.

Random Bundle Game – Get Game Suggestions from Itch.io Bundles

For those who have purchased the bundles for racial justice and Palestinian aid, you will notice that you have over 2000 games to play. With so many games to choose from, how do you decide what to play next? Random Bundle Game can suggest games for you. Filter out results based on your preferences and generate suggestions.

Public APIs – A GitHub Repository of Publicly Available APIs

For developers who need data for their projects, take a look at the APIs that are available to the public. There are tons of data to choose from.

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