The Discord Server Creation Checklist for Aspiring Community Server Owners

Discord is a popular social media platform for bringing people together with a shared interest. Whereas you can simply name a server and create some channels if you are just making a small group chat for your friends, there are a few extra steps you should consider if you aspire to grow a successful community server.

Below is a checklist of things you should consider before and while you are setting up your Discord server. You do not necessarily have to do these in a certain order, and some of these tasks will be ongoing as you make tweaks.

Before You Start

  • Come up with a server name.
  • Come up with a description for your server.
  • Create a logo

Setting Up

  • Create categories and channels.
    • Create an announcement channel that only moderators can submit messages to.
    • Create a private channel for moderators only.
    • Create a voice channel (Optional, but recommended).
    • Create a text channel to supplement the voice channel (For chatting while in the voice channel).
  • Sort categories and channels.
  • Designate a server for system messages (For announcing when a member joins the server or boosts it with Nitro).
  • Configure default notification settings (I would recommend setting it to “Only @mentions” because hardly anyone likes getting notifications for every message sent to the server and especially if your server is busy).
  • Create roles and set their permissions.
    • Create a role for moderators.
  • Add emojis (A popular place for finding emojis: Link).
  • Set server verification level (At least low to meet eligibility requirements for community).
  • Set the explicit media content filter option to scan media content from all members (To meet eligibility requirements for community).
  • Add Discord bots to your server (Popular source for finding bots to add: Link).
  • Configure Discord bots to your liking.

Setting Up (Community Server)

  • Convert your server into a Community Server.
    • Be sure to meet the requirements. (Found here)
  • Create a welcome screen.
  • Create a membership screening screen.
  • Designate a channel as the announcement channel.
  • Designate a channel to receive Direct Community Updates (Updates regarding changes to Discord).

Starting it Up

  • Promote your server.
  • Create a permanent invite link that can be shared repeatedly.
  • Welcome and engage your members.
  • Get feedback and edit your server accordingly.


  • Make tweaks to your server as needed and keep your community engaged.
  • Check your server insights and see statistics on your server.
  • If your server is large enough, look into getting partnered with Discord and apply to the Discovery board.

This checklist should hopefully get your server up and going. It is also worth knowing that creating a successful Discord server takes time, but you should also engage your current members as much as possible and retain them. Being a server owner takes a lot of effort to maintain and run, but as long as you keep going at it, your server will keep growing.

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