– Watch Together with Friends Online

I remember using with my friends for watching videos and movies together. It offered many features that made screensharing a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, it failed to secure funding to continue its operations and was ultimately acquired by Kast. Since then, users scrambled to find alternatives or make one. A few services came about with being one of them. I tried a few others but out of all the alternatives I have tried, was the closest to replicating the experience.

Upon logging in, you will see a page containing all of the rooms you are a part of and the option to create a room. You may either create your own room or join a room if you have a link to it.

Once you enter a room, you will be presented with a screen that can be controlled with a “remote”, which is basically the mouse used to control the screen. At the bottom has options for setting the volume, going full screen and seeing your participants. On the right side is the chat and settings. It is a pretty simple interface that is similar to

Video playback is smooth for the most part, but there were a few moments where there was some lag, but the experience was great otherwise. The only limitation with Invited is that each room only lasts for 2 hours for free users. After those 2 hours, the room automatically closes and you will need to make a new room. Personally, that is not a problem for me, but if you do not like the idea of having to remake rooms, consider upgrading to Invited Premium.

Invited Premium

If you need more features, Invited has a premium feature you can upgrade to. Here are the following features offered by Premium:

  • Unlimited time in a room: As mentioned before, free users can only host a room for only 2 hours at a time. With Invited Premium, you can host a room for as long as you want.
  • Custom emojis: For a more personal experience, you can use your emojis and emojis from other people.
  • Custom Vanity URL: Upon creating a room, it receives a randomly generated set of characters as part of its URL. A vanity URL allows you to set a more attractive and memorable URL to link to your room.
  • Animated Profile Picture: As the feature suggests, you can set a profile picture that is animated with Premium.

Overall, is a solid service for screen sharing with other people. It is very similar to and has all the features you need for a movie night or just to hang out with other people. If you are looking for a place for watching videos together, try it out.

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