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Onlinecourses.ooo – Get Free Udemy Courses with 100% Off Coupons

Udemy is a great place for taking online courses. Hundreds of experts are willing to share their knowledge, but most of these courses cost money. However, there are coupons that can reduce the prices of these courses. Better yet, some of these coupons can make these courses free. These coupons are hard to come by though, but onlinecourses.ooo compiles these coupons for you. On the front page of the website is the list of courses with coupons being offered. There,…

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June 2021 Recap

Another month has passed and more content has been made. Here’s a list of posts that were published in June. Linktree Review I took a look at Linktree, a single page website creator where you can share your links in one place. I explore its interface, how good the free features are and if it is worth upgrading to the pro version. 5 Places for Free Games Looking for free games to download? Here are five places that you can…

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Public APIs – A GitHub Repository of Publicly Available APIs

If you are building a project, you might need data to be used by your app. However, constructing your own database may not be feasible because of the time and resources needed to build and maintain one. In that case, where do you get the data from? That is where APIs come in handy. People have already built their collected their own data and are willing to let people access it for their own uses with an API. All you…

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