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Public APIs – A GitHub Repository of Publicly Available APIs

If you are building a project, you might need data to be used by your app. However, constructing your own database may not be feasible because of the time and resources needed to build and maintain one. In that case, where do you get the data from? That is where APIs come in handy. People have already built their collected their own data and are willing to let people access it for their own uses with an API. All you…

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Random Bundle Game – Get Game Suggestions from Itch.io Bundles

The Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality from last year and this year’s Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid offered hundreds of games for a great price. Subtracting any duplicate items that appear in both bundles, there is a total of about 2700 possible games to choose from. With so many games to choose from, how do you know which game you want to play next? Itch.io’s interface for browsing through games in a bundle is limited, so there is not…

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5 Places for Free Games

Getting things for free is certainly great, especially when it comes to games. However, games can be costly. Luckily, there are always games that you can get for free. Here are 5 places where you can get those games. Epic Store Weekly Releases Every Thursday at around 11 a.m., Epic has a free game that all members can grab for the week. There are a variety of games that could be temporarily free and they’re usually good. Some examples of…

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